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  • Botanical name: Lavendula Officinalis

  • Country of origin: France

  • Part of plant: Flower Heads

  • Method of extraction: Steam Distilled


Aromatherapy Series

1. Pour diffuser base into diffuser glass bottle.

2. Add 20% or up to your desired concentration of essential oil or fragrances. For example: 30ml rosemary essential oil to 100ml diffuser base.

3. Dip diffuser sticks into glass bottle.

4. Invert diffuser sticks.

5. Allow oils to permeate your room.


Massage to a better health

1. Add 1% – 2% essential oil to base oil.

2. Shake gentle to mix.

3. Massage your stress away. Release aches, pains and knotted muscles.



- Store IONS essential oils and IONS base oils in a cool and dark environment.



- Nut-free alternatives are available upon request.

- Use a suitable base oil if you have allergies.

- Avoid sun exposure after using citrus oils, bergamot, petitigrain oils.

- For pregnant ladies, consult your physician before using essential oils.



Lavender Mt Blanc Essence 100ml

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