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Natural Personal and Home Care Products

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Solutions for the busy professional

Welcome to Ions Natural - Essential Personal Care. Ions Natural is a champion for DIY natural products for personal use and for the home. We source for products that provide natural time-tested solutions to address the challenges in maintaining our skin quality, and a healthy lifestyle.

Busy professionals in air-conditioned offices are exposed to a dry environment. We need natural emollients to protect skin from breaking down and forming wrinkles such as plant oils like almond oil, and jojoba oil.

DIY Educational Workshops

Ions Natural offers a suite of fun and educational workshops to spread the good news that natural personal care solutions are within reach of the general public, for daily use. While the quality will be commensurate to product prices in general, natural products are not restricted to only an ultra-luxurious range of products.

Our trainers look forward to meeting you. Together, we aim to build an environmentally conscious community that can make informed decisions for our skin and health.

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